Day 167: Lights Out in Ohio

Rick Hammersley Walking the MidwestWe woke up this morning and turned on our generator and listened to the weather and news in this area and realized that we were one of the few people who could actually hear what was going on. We didn’t know it at the time, but whole areas of the counties we are near are without power even now. I walked by farm house after farm house with generators running and when we got to Englewood, I passed businesses closed up tight. We are staying in a Meijer parking lot and the McDonalds across the street is dark. It is strange how one place will be open and the guy next door won’t be.

As stated, we are currently in Englewood, OH and tomorrow I will be heading toward and past Dayton. Tomorrow will make day nine of walking and I’m beginning to feel it. I will probably wait until Saturday to take a day off though. I’ve been in contact with an old high school friend who lives in Columbus and we are planning to get together this weekend, so I’d like to be close to Columbus. I was best man at Mike Althoff’s wedding in 1967 and we lived a couple of streets over from him until he moved to Ohio in the early ’70’s. It was nice to hear from him and will sure be nice to see him.

Lots of trees were down everywhere today and people were out in their yards cleaning up the mess. The traffic didn’t seem to be diminished however, and I wonder where all those people were going – nothing was open. The day was pretty and hopefully tomorrow will be just like it.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,537.75
Money Found: $0.03
Total Found: $71.63