Day 168: Bootscootin’ Across Ohio

Well, today was much like yesterday, businesses closed, generators running, kids playing outside, and people working in their yards. The TV said this morning that it will be well into next week before the power is restored everywhere. Funny, but I can’t recall seeing any power people working on the lines anywhere. As a matter of fact, all the lines I’ve seen look okay.

We covered another 20 miles today, a day of great weather. The terrain is mostly fields of corn and beans with an occasional pasture of cows thrown in. It is flat mainly but I did start getting into some gentle rolling hills this afternoon. We are currently just east of Donnelsville and should get through Springfield tomorrow. Hopefully Springfield will have electricity.

Not much going on today, just walk and drive, walk and drive. Valda said she needs to find a laundromat and I think we will find a campground tomorrow. Three more days till break. Valda called some newspapers today but they said the current power problem was their main concern. I think most people know the power is out and just how do you keep telling the same story over and over? Oh well, whatever.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,557.75
Money Found: $0.46
Total Found: $72.09