Day 169: Another 20 Miles Down

Frisch's Big BoyToday went fine as far as walking is concerned. The weather was absolutely great and the traffic was light. We did another 20 miler and wound up in Brighton, OH for the night. I believe we will still get to Columbus by the weekend, we just won’t have to deal with all the football fanatics.

By the last count we could put together from the TV, there is still about 500,000 households without power in Ohio. They are getting more and more back on line each day, but we’ve talked to several people who have been without electricity since Melody Drive-in Theaterlast Sunday. This campground got their power restored yesterday morning and told us not to drink the water.


Thanks to Kim McKinley of The Springfield Paper and daughter for coming out and interviewing me yesterday evening. The article will come out next Wednesday and you will probably see it on our ‘media page’ the next day.

The pictures are some icons from the past.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,577.25
Money Found: $0.40
Total Found: $72.49