Day 212: Only 13 Miles to NYC!

dscf4536I guess I’m getting excited! I had a real good day all around, and for the first time in a week or so, I actually felt my heart beat. To be honest, I’ve felt lousy all week and today I got some new medicine from my doctor in Chattanooga and boy did it help. Valda got to see the peaks of NYC twice today, but I’ve yet to see them. I keep looking but to no avail. I remember seeing the peaks of the Rockies after I got out of them for several miles, but this is different. Today I told Chris that the Soldier Summit Canyon in Utah, the Indian Canyon in Utah and Poudre River Canyon in Colorado (all 79 miles) were 3 very memorable canyons that I walked through. The beauty was outstanding. But, I do believe the prettiest canyon I’ve yet to see and walk down is the canyon in Manhattan known as the Broadway Canyon. I feel my heartbeat again. 😀

dscf4577Valda & I didn’t take any pictures today. We both were too busy negotiating this crazy traffic and trying not to take the wrong turn on this twisty highway. It was a challenge today and tomorrow doesn’t look much different. As you can see by the title, I think we have about 13 miles to go. This is based on what I did today and signs I’ve seen along the way. Valda thinks it is closer to 11 but we’ll see tomorrow. I’m planning on walking to the George Washington Bridge, but I’m not sure which side. On Saturday morning we will step off at 11:00 AM and do 11 miles to the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge. Then it is a good night’s rest at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott and on Sunday morning we will step off again at the Brooklyn Bridge and fight our way through the stragglers from the NYC Marathon. I think I could tell them a thing or two about a marathon.dscf4588

I’m chattering a little too much. I guess I’m getting excited, and I feel a whole lot better. I hope you all have enjoyed this walk as much as I have and I certainly do appreciate your comments, emails, prayers, thoughts, and anything else you threw my way. Stay turned for some great pictures taken on Saturday and Sunday. Valda found the bottle of Pacific Ocean water and it is now just a matter of hours till it joins its Atlantic cousin. It’s about over. Did I mention I’m getting excited?

Some pictures we took this week.

Miles Covered: 17
Total Miles: 3,169.5
Money Found: $1.67
Total Found: $97.91