Day 213: Start Spreading the News

Jersey Side GW BridgeToday I made it to the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River. I walked the final 12.5 land miles in NJ and have only half the bridge to go in NJ, then it is New York, New York. I got my first glimpse of the NY skyline today at 9:05 AM but it took me a while to get to the bridge. I had a lot of instances today where I had to take mini-detours because of the nature of the highway and it took me a bit longer than I thought it would. Then after leaving the highway with the bridge just around the curve, I had to get off on Main St. in Ft. Lee and walk another mile through town to the base of the bridge where the steps are located for me to get to the top tier. But, guess what – I made it.

Halloween In PAYesterday was a day saddened by the loss of one of my most ardent supporters, and it was all because of a stupid act by me. I was walking down the side of Hwy 46 about 20 miles from the bridge and my son Chris was following me, filming the whole way. Now I’m not too sure what is so exciting about filming your old man from the back as he walks down the highway, but Chris was into it pretty intently. So, I thought I’d give him a shot of my athletic prowess. There was a storm sewer grate coming up and in one of the long holes was stuck a small rubber ball. I thought I would hit the ball with my walking stick and knock it on down the hole – all in one fell swoop. Except I missed and the end of the stick went into another hole and right out of my grasp. It is gone forever. My trusty friend who was about five inches shorter than when I started and had enough glue in it to start a horse, was gone. And, it is all on film. Talk about athletic prowess. I’ve done 3,182 miles and it did 3,162 of them and won’t be around for the finish.Hammersley Brothers in Jersey

Thanks to S. Fitzgerald of Hackettstown, NJ for his contribution to Gateway. It is much appreciated. I also want to thank my three brothers, Don, Scott & Ron for stopping by and seeing us on their way to NYC. It was nice seeing them and I’ll actually walk with them tomorrow and Sunday as we wind it down. We are back at Tom & Kathryn L’s home in western NJ and will leave the RV here while we traipse around the Big Apple and vicinity. Thanks again to them for their amazing hospitality.

GraveyardI also want to thank Angela Ganote of Fox 59 in Indianapolis for her phone interview this morning. She is also going to have another phone interview with me on Monday morning at 8:30 AM, Indy time. If you live there, tune in. Fox 59 has been just great in their support of me. Many thanks to them.

Today is Halloween and here are some pictures we’ve taken over the last couple of weeks. Just a little fun as the night comes alive.

Miles Covered: 12.5
Total Miles: 3,182
Money Found: $2.56
Total Found: $100.47