Day 211: No NYC Mountains Yet

Getting Closer to NYCEvery time I turn a corner or top a hill I look to see the snow covered peaks of NYC. I’m still about 30 miles out, so really don’t expect to see them until Friday. But it’s fun looking. Today straightened up weather wise. It was sunny off and on and cold, but no snow, thank goodness. Yesterday reminded me why I live in the south. I’ve been toying around with my walking schedule some more and think I have hit on a good combination. I walk three segments of two hours each and take about an hour and a half off in between. If it all goes as planned, I usually end up walking around 6:00PM, just as it is getting dark. I haven’t hit it perfect yet, but I keep trying. Just four more walking days left.

The terrain has been relatively flat with a occasional hill or two thrown in. It seems I’ve been in constant commercial areas for the last couple of days. On my map, I’ve hit the dark orange area denoting city, and it is constant until I get to Coney Island.

Not too much happened today, walk wise. We just keep plugging along and hoping the next mile marker is just up ahead. It has been somewhat of a challenge to get up and go out and walk especially in the cold. But, it’s almost over and a good week’s sleep might just take care of what ails me. Once more it is time to hit the hay and once more I can hardly wait.

As you can see (in the picture yesterday), Valda & I were visited by my grandson’s friend, Flat Stanley.  He came and spent an afternoon with us.  Has he visited you yet?

Miles Covered: 14
Total Miles: 3,152.5
Money Found: $2.99
Total Found: $96.24

Day 210: Snowed Out!

Snowed Out in NJThere isn’t a whole lot I can say about today except I’m glad it’s finally about over. I woke up this morning after listening to it rain off and on all night (between dozes). I had resigned myself to have a day in the rain but when we pulled the cover from the front window, were we surprised to see snow. We couldn’t believe it. We didn’t get too good of TV reception last night but what we did hear did not say a word about snow. Now, I can generally take the snow, but the rain, the cold, and the 20-30 miles per hour winds that accompanied it today was a bit too much. So, we stopped after 5 miles and checked into a motel room – just to take advantage of a hot shower and the heat from a reliable furnace. Our RV has a good furnace, but we are running a bit low on propane and frankly I just wanted to be in a motel during all this snow.

RV Covered in SnowLike I said, I did 5 miles and for the first three quarters of a mile, I had to walk in yards and where ever I could just to stay off the road (absolutely no shoulder). Then I hit a stretch of road that had 4-6′ of shoulder and then all I had to do was try to stay out of the water that was going into the storm sewers (not too successfully I might add). After a couple of hours, I finally had had enough and called Valda to save the day. I was thoroughly drenched despite having bought a ‘water proof’ rain coat and rain pants. So, that was my day in a nutshell. :/

The TV says more of the same for tomorrow, but I’ve now ran out of extra days and I have to walk. I’m not too sure where we are, but it is 5 miles east of where we were last night on US 46. Chris drove over yesterday from NYC on 46 and said it was about 57 miles to the bridge. Since then, I’ve walked about 13 of those, so I have a ways to go to get there. No luxury of a motel room tomorrow.

Thanks to Joe L. who owns the Allstate Insurance Agency. Joe let us stay all night in his parking lot.  The pictures show what we faced today. Notice how light the snow was when I started.

Miles Covered: 5
Total Miles: 3,138.5
Money Found: $0.30
Total Found: $93.25

Day 209: Walking Alone Again

Flat StanleyToday I resumed walking alone. I got in 17 miles and just passed the Budd Lake on US 46 near Mt. Olive, NJ. Chris showed up today and resumed filming his documentary. His mom was glad of that. He’s in NYC for a few days for the end of the walk and then it is back to Seattle. He’s going to march in the annual Halloween Parade in Manhattan as a deranged Uncle Sam. Not much of a stretch for him on the deranged part.

Valda & I are gearing up for the final few days. We are both excited about the end being in sight and can’t wait for those Nathan’s Hot Dogs.

Miles Covered: 17
Total Miles: 3,133.5
Money Found: $2.18
Total Found: $92.95

Day 208: Scouting Outing

dscf4547Well, today was quite a day. It started out at about 9:00 AM when I took off from a local ice cream shop with three Boy Scouts, and two leaders (their dads). By the time we went a mile, I picked up five more scouts and another leader. They just kept coming out of the woodwork. BSA Troop #200 from Annandale, NJ joined me Sunday and walked a total of 10.7 miles with me. This enabled those Scouts who were there to earn credit towards two merit badges and the good time we all had was thrown in for free. dscf4554Thanks go out to Leader Tom L. for setting up this event (he actually emailed me about it in June) and thanks to all who showed up and partook. After the 10+ miles, we all chowed down at a local pizza restaurant. I want to thank the troop for the money donated to Gateway through ‘money found’ along the route, and for the nice donation to Valda’s gas fund. Also thanks for the pizza lunch and the great company 😀

dscf4571After the walk on Sunday morning, I decided to visit a local ER to see if I could get rid of an intestinal bug I’ve been fighting a while. Well, we all know what ER’s are like, and about six hours later, I finally got out of there. It turned out to be a little more than I was expecting, but hopefully I’m on the road to better health. More later on this adventure.



Miles Covered: 12.25
Total Miles: 3,116.5
Money Found: $3.83
Total Found: $90.77

Day 206: Day Off

Jersey CampingSo, we are in New Jersey and I’m taking today and tomorrow off, and on Sunday I set out with 15 Boy Scouts from Troop 200 and their leaders, and head toward Washington, NJ on Hwy 57. We have currently stopped at the intersection of Hwy 57 and US 22 about 3 miles inside the state. I want to thank Tom and Kathryn L. for letting us camp out in their driveway. Tom and Kathryn saw an article on me in Highways Magazine last June and have been corresponding with us ever since. It is surely gracious of them to extend their hospitality. We’ve started finding campgrounds and state parks are now closed in this area of the country and having a place to land for a few days is very helpful. Many thanks to them again and it is much appreciated.

Day 205: I’m a Jersey Boy!

Crossing into New JerseyI can’t sing like Frankie Valli, but boy did I like to listen to him. I wonder if his high notes hurt his throat as much as it hurt my ears? Well, as you might have gathered, I’m in New Jersey. We crossed over at about 3:45 PM yesterday and though I didn’t get a picture of a sign welcoming us to NJ, Valda did get a picture of me crossing over the bridge at Easton/Phillipsburg. I talked to Charlie, a policeman on duty at the bridge to keep overweight vehicles away, and he told me the bridge is one of two identical bridges (the other one is in Budapest, Hungary) and that it was built in 1895. It is still in use today and is a rather nice looking bridge compared to a lot of others I’ve seen. Anyway, I crossed over it and then I was in state # 12 and PA was behind me.dscf4516

I ask everyone I run into how far NYC is and most everyone says it is an hour away, so that means it can be anywhere from 50-80 miles away, depending on how fast you drive. An hour for me is 3 miles, so I guess my answer doesn’t apply. I’m going to look closely at the map today and just see how many days away it is and hope I don’t use all six days allotted to get there. It would really be nice to have next Friday off.

By anyone’s measure though, the walk is winding down. dscf4398I probably have four or five days walking in NJ, and then the two in NYC. Next Monday I’ll probably wake up and wonder what I’m going to do next. I don’t have a definitive answer to that one yet, but I’m working on it.

As soon as I get it all figured out, we will get the Pennsylvania stats on the blog. Other than that, there will be no more blogs till Sunday night. The pictures are of me leaving PA and a couple of shots of country I just walked through.

Miles Covered: 15
Total Miles: 3,104.25
Money Found: $0.88
Total Found: $86.94